9 reasons why your consultants should write to your Clients [ENG]

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4 min readOct 20, 2020

The problem of every hotline is the need to shorten service time in order to serve as many customers as possible per unit of time. Text-based customer service is becoming increasingly popular. The problem is often the efficient handling of queries sent through different channels. Many times the BOK departments redirect customers to voice channels in order to handle requests more efficiently. However, it should be considered that sending text messages is convenient for the customer. It means less time wasted waiting for a consultant, the possibility of the already proverbial multitasking and freedom of access to channels at any place and time.

In today’s article we will consider why it is worth betting on efficient text communication and why it pays to answer an email in real time.

1. Young people prefer to write

The younger the generation, the more eager they are to interact in text form. Many young people reject voice communication in general. They always write, they will always write. Many young people are even anxious to make a phone call. They are accustomed to being able to handle all personal matters in text form, in social media, on the chat, by form or by e-mail. Fast service is important. If no one answers — it probably doesn’t exist.

2. Customer convenience

Text communication allows you to send messages to the company at any time. You don’t have to wait in line, you don’t have to worry about the hotline’s working hours. The possibility of contacting at any time allows you to be aware of the greater availability of the company. If the consultant responds efficiently, he shows that he cares about the customer.

AI Busters

3. Building commitment

A text channel has more possibilities of interaction than voice time. Customer service in text channels helps encourage and engage customers. And an engaged customer, research shows, is a customer willing to spend more money, shop more often and try out new products. AI Busters relieves consultants of the burden of repetitive work and helps them to better engage with customers.

4. Greater opportunities for optimization

Investing in text channels is profitable because they can be better optimized. AI Busters helps to process an infinite number of customer messages, increasing the ratio of handled queries to the number of consultants. Selected inquiries can even be fully automated, developing self-service competencies.

5. Multimedia

Text messages in different channels can contain rich multimedia. Tutorial videos, demonstrations of new products, thought maps, offers, discount codes can be easily sent in response that will interest customers.

6. Proactive communication

Transactions, offers, special events, reminders can be more personal than ever. Using automation tools company can reach interested clients in a proactive way. Imagine a scenario where we don’t send typical mailings, but reach customers with a personalized message, encourage them to start a conversation (because service center’s capacity allows it) and respond immediately with details of the offer. This is a personal gesture that will surely be appreciated by users.

“Just because customers prefer to write to the brand does not mean that they are more patient or less motivated to buy. It is often so much more convenient for them. They will not wait for an answer indefinitely. It is also worth assuming that — in the day of comparing offers — who answers firs — wins. The sooner you handle the inquiry, the more likely it is that the customer will choose your offer, will be more willing to engage in the conversation and will find that the brand you represent is reliable and worth trusting.”

says Karol Kowalczyk from AI Busters

7. Response guarantee

A study conducted by Northridge Group in 2015 showed that a third of consumers who interact with brands through social media never received a response. Combining social media communication with customer service with AI Busters algorithm and a competent service department increases efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the perception of homogeneity in a brand message.

8. Ease of self-service on new principles

Customers do not like to look for answers in FAQ collections. They prefer to send their questions by e-mail. An optimized service department supported by artificial intelligence and knowledge contained in the AI Busters algorithm brings service to a new level. AI Busters automatically handles self-service inquiries and the consultant takes over critical moments, allowing full control of the customer path. AI Busters becomes a combination of a virtual assistant with the empathy of a living person — consultant.

9. It pays off

The scalability of text messaging with AI Busters makes the text-based customer support channel one of the most efficient and at the same time economical to develop and maintain. In costumer service and in sales.

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