Automated customer service — is it only about chatbots? [ENG]

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3 min readFeb 22, 2021

54% of consumers worldwide admit they currently have higher customer service expectations than just a year ago. Today, no one any longer doubts that advanced automation can help meet these requirements.

However, you can get the impression that in many companies automating customer service means adding a chatbot to a website or an app. Is it really the only one and the most effective solution?

Automating customer service — what is the point?

Automation is not only a response to growing customer expectations. It’s also a way to increase work efficiency and a great cost optimization strategy.

Why? Because of:

  • Boosting your reaction time.
  • Reducing the possibility of human errors.
  • Increasing the time devoted to tasks that really require the involvement of consultants.
  • 24/7 service.

For these benefits to become a reality, automation must be implemented in many fields. Unfortunately, automating only one area, such as chat, will not bring the best possible results.

Is a chatbot a bad choice then?

No. A chatbot can be a great and, above all, effective tool but only if it is properly created and is part of a larger strategy.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case — 47% of Americans say chatbots provide unhelpful answers. This is the result of creating simple bots that do not use the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning. For most people, it doesn’t really matter whether they are interacting with an algorithm or a human — as long as their problem is resolved swiftly.

Nevertheless, chatbots remain just a little taste of the customer service automation.

There are many more possibilities.

What are the possibilities of advanced engines for automation?

The essence of modern automation is not about using simple templates.

It is about the use of artificial intelligence, which helps users with their inquiries and learns 24 hours a day. As a result, with each passing day, automation offers a higher level of service. What is more, customers do not even realize that they are interacting with the algorithms — not humans.

Yes, automation can grow with your business — without the need for adjustments or updates.

What to automate

You can use artificial intelligence to optimize processes related to:

  • forms on your website,
  • e-mail messages,
  • chats and messengers,
  • monitoring mobile application stores comments.

As a result, you can automate the following areas: e-mail management, loyalty programs, complaints, and debt collection processes. Artificial intelligence can also support internal communication in your company.

How exactly does automation work?

One of the primary tasks that you can entrust to professional customer service automation systems is suggesting replies in messages as well as sending automated messages. However, this is just the beginning of the possibilities of modern automation engines.

AI Busters

Advanced technologies (machine learning and NLP) enable the detailed, automatic analysis of the content of the message. Thanks to them, message management is as automated as possible. The system assigns them to specific categories and redirects correspondence to appropriate departments or external systems. It also recognizes various attachment formats and verifies whether they have been attached.

But let’s get back to answering messages. Automation engines prepare messages with detailed customer data. Moreover, they can even recognize his or her emotions.

Sounds like a match? Learn more about the capabilities of the AI ​​Busters automation engine.


Remember that the main goal of automation is to increase work efficiency. It is not about replacing people with bots. Actually, automation helps to offload the human-to-human touchpoints when they are unnecessary, which at the end of the day should result in a better customer experience. Yet, a chatbot alone may not be enough to achieve such an objective.

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