Case study — How to become a business development virtuoso with artificial intelligence [ENG]

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3 min readSep 30, 2020

Chatbots have been used for years in the field of customer service. Implemented with greater or lesser success, they try to relieve consultants on the first line of contact with customers. Many times, poorly developed on a strategic level, they deter customers who are reluctant to return to the machine. The experiences of such implementations make the recipients think of machine interaction with the user as a curiosity, more than a fully practical and comprehensive solution. Limited, single-track functionality or education and fun — these are the main applications of automatic communication solutions.

Today, we look at 3 interesting applications of artificial intelligence and compare them to the capabilities of the AI Busters engine.

Redirecting leads in real estate with

In marketing, gaining leads is an important thing. And to pass it to the right representative on a large scale is laborious and requires short reaction times. works in the real estate industry, performing two tasks — it helps to connect clients with responsible real estate agents. It also autonomously answers simple questions about specific properties. works exclusively in a specific industry, on Messenger and in English.

NOSPR AI — classical music around the clock

The National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra has combined technology and art, publishing video recordings of classical music concerts and allowing to ask questions about the performed pieces to prepared artificial intelligence, which explains details about the theory, instrumentation or philosophy of the works.

A specialist in classical music, with whom you can talk endlessly — a beautiful application of an artificial intelligence.

MedWhat — a virtual doctor in the cloud

MedWhat is a virtual assistant that speeds up medical diagnostics for both patients and doctors. It is powered by an advanced ML algorytm, which offers increasingly accurate answers to users’ questions, based on the behaviors they learn by interacting with people. It is a useful tool for physicians, but it is worth considering the ethical aspects of access to self-diagnosis without the presence of a doctor.

AI Busters — an engine to automate online communication

AI Busters is not a chatbot. It is an advanced engine that brings together the best aspects of the above solutions, helping to organize business processes and customer service departments. The system autonomously learns from historical customer conversations, categorizes messages and helps to analyze them, can send customer inquiries to relevant specialists and units, respond autonomously or support consultants during customer conversations, providing them with always up-to-date and proven knowledge that speeds up service and eliminates errors. Moreover, it uses of the Polish language fluently.

AI Busters

“It is best to talk about the possibilities of business applications using commercial solutions. At AI Busters we draw on the latest achievements of artificial intelligence, machine learning, helping to develop the competences of our Partners. Imagine that each of your consultants can be a virtuoso in their field, knowing every detail of your offer and products, always making accurate diagnoses of your needs, responding immediately to every topic. With AI Busters it is possible.”

Karol Kowalczyk Co-founder AI Busters

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